Windows Repair

Windows acting up? Let us fix it.

“Most Repair Shops will reload Windows when there’s a problem. Bottom line; it’s not always needed. We can repair many Windows problems in under an hour.” -Joe S, Owner

We can fix any Windows problem there is, from missing updates, to blue screens, and have your computer’s operating system to have it running like the day you bought it. Over time Windows begins to build up junk files that will significantly slow the computer down. These files can also harm the main Windows files, causing the computer to no longer boot up properly, or perform up to your expectations. Computer repair programs can only repair so much; a computer repair technician from San Diego PC Support can fix broken Windows files by hand to ensure everything is repaired properly.

Some Symptoms of needing a Windows Repair

  • Computer no longer boots up properly
  • Windows runs very slow
  • Programs not work correctly
  • Programs freeze
  • Websites fail to load
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • All software runs very slowly
  • Computer bootup time increases
  • Computer shupdown time increases

Our Solution, how it works…

A Windows system repair will restore important Windows system files to their original state, ensuring a quick boot-up and normal response time. Your registry will be cleaned of any junk entries, and all Windows services will be performing at their optimum level. This will allow your computer to perform at similar speeds to the day you purchased it. Additionally, we will remove all of the bloatware from your computer. This can actually allow a computer to run BETTER than it ran when you purchased it, if you never removed the bloat ware in the first place.

More on Bloatware, and why we Remove it

Bloatware, also referred to as software bloat, is the programs which come preinstalled on your Dell, HP, or other name-brand computer. These programs are usually “Trial Versions” which you will eventually be required to pay for. Most home users don’t want, nor need, any of this software. It can be difficult to remove entirely, and will hog up your system’s resources. Then, when you’re using an important program, it will run slow because the bloatware is also running (usually in the background.)

Surprisingly, one of the most dangerous types of bloatware is actually AntiVirus software itself, because if you don’t pay for the subscription offered, the AntiVirus software will run, but not protect! These preinstalled antivirus programs are often very hard to remove complete, and will attack / interfere with other antivirus software you might try to install. This leaves you open to attach, and is quite dangerous.