Unlimited Remote Support

With SDPC’s unlimited remote support for your IT infrastructure, your entire staff can rely on top notch support at a flat rate, whenever they need it. With nearly instant remote login capabilities over an SDPC secured connection, our technicians can log into any of your computers, servers, or network devices at a moments notice to help you with just about any IT challenge. With our top-notch remote support, your computers can be back up and running in no time!

When my computer went down just hours before a critical customer meeting, SDPC was able to log into my machine remotely and repair the issue in a matter of minutes.
– John Torrance, SDPC Customer

Advantages of Unlimited Remote Support:

  • Real-time support from the next available technician
  • No waiting for a technician to arrive on location
  • No hourly costs, just one flat rate each month
  • Many computer issues can be solved remotely

All remote access to your network is completed via a secure network connection, so there is virtually no risk of data interception or loss. The level of access granted is determined by you, the client, and is secured by contract. Your company’s critical data is our highest priority, and we will never allow that to be compromised.