Proactive Business IT Management

Why is Managed IT Necessary?

Every day thousands of new viruses are created and used to damage, steal, and corrupt users computers, workstations and servers. In an attempt to keep up with this rapid evolution of new viruses and spyware, Software companies Microsoft (maker of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) must release updates and patches very often. Even with automatic updates, users are often behind on critical software patches, and their machines become susceptible to attack! When a system is left without maintenance, the chance of a virus infecting the system is much higher

SDPC will deploy a proactive health-check system on all of your workstations, servers, and network devices to ensure all systems are fully up to date. This system is what allows SDPC to offer 99% guaranteed up-time guarantee to all managed IT customers!

Workstations with proactive IT support experience 90% less downtime than unmanaged machines.

What is a 99% Up-Time Guarantee?

  • SDPC’s 99% up-time guarantee is a measure of our confidence.
  • It’s our way of assuring you that your company’s IT resources are protected at all times.
  • It’s a measurable result of our services.

Transparent, measurable results are what most companies demand from their service providers. SDPC’s 99% up-time guarantee delivers just that. In our monthly report, delivered directly to your email, we track your up-time and down-time, amongst other variables, and report this in an easy to understand format.

Transparent, measurable results are what SDPC delivers to you!