Data / Storage Management

Put your data in the right hands

Arguably the most critical asset of any company these days is their data. This includes critical business information such as sales databases, receipts, taxes returns, customer databases, emails, intellectual property, and so on. This data simply cannot be lost.

SDPC can employ and maintain a variety of solutions which will keep your data safe. Double, triple, and even quadrupedal redundancy can be utilized so that you can rest assured that your data is 100% retrievable no matter occurs.

Cloud services are becoming one of the most utilized form of data management and data backup in the industry. Cloud backups offer multiple benefits, including automatic multi-location backups, automatic encryption, and industry-leading network security.

SDPC’s Backup strategy looks something like this:

  • Customer data is always backed up in two different physical locations. This ensures protection against physical accidents and acts of god
  • Customer data is always backed up in two different formats. This aids in preventing viruses from wiping data from both locations
  • One set of backups should always be disconnected from the network
  • Customer data should always be encrypted. This prevents thieves from using your data, in the event of robbery.

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