Daily Safety Checks

With SDPC’s daily safety checks employed on all of your machines, you can operate with a higher degree of confidence that your data and systems are safe. These checks can help prevent disasters from occurring.  For instance, a Daily Health Check might flag that you have a very high rate of unauthorized login attempts. By identifying this early, we may be able to prevent a hack attempt, and prevent data from being lost or stolen.

Antivirus and backup systems are the two primary means of keeping a small business’ systems and data safe. Antivirus and backup systems are also the systems most prone to failure.

The following are checked by default:

  • Hard Drive Health check
  • Drive Space Consumption check
  • Virus Definition Updates
  • Critical Events check for specific entries
  • Operating System Errors
  • New program installation

SDPC clients enjoy many benefits of daily health checks, including: 

  1. You know your most critical systems are in fine working order.
  2. You receive evidence every morning to show that our service has checked your systems.
  3. By spotting small issues early, we are able to help you prevent major catastrophes later.

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