24/7/365 Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the direction all mainstream companies are going with their IT infrastructure. It flat out makes sense! Not only does remote monitoring prevent problems before they occur, it saves you time and money while providing the most secure, up-to-date operating environment for you and your employees.

SDPC offers flat rate, 24x7x365 monitoring of your entire network. From workstations to servers, printers to routers, we can monitor them all, and all for one flat monthly cost. There are never hidden charges or surprise fees! We even send you a monthly report detailing all recent activities, resolved issues, and maintenance events. See our pricing page for details.

Remote monitoring protects your business from the unknown.
– Joey, SDPC Employee

Remote monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • Software is ALWAYS up to date
  • Virus Protection is ALWAYS up to date
  • Windows updates are always installed and maintained
  • Software patches are instantly deployed when available
  • Failures are detected automatically
  • System downtime is noticed immediately
  • Hardware failures can be detected before they occur
  • Backups are monitored hourly for inconsistencies and errors
  • Backup failures are reported as they occur, allowing them to be addressed immediately

SDPC offers 24/7/365 monitoring for all of your computers, servers, workstations, printers, routers, network storage devices, switches, and more, all at one low flat rate. See our pricing page for details.