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Increase Business Efficiency

By SanDiegoPCSupport - 26th July 2014

Managed IT Support Ensures improved Efficiency There is a massive amount of knowledge available on the Internet and in today’s competitive markets, even the smallest companies must have their own internal computer network, and often times these networks must interact with the businesses website, or web-based services. Your businesses home…

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How to chose a Corporate Firewall

By SanDiegoPCSupport - 12th July 2014

Why does my business network need a Firewall? Corporate networks can be exposed to malicious attacks from anywhere in the world if not protected. Many hackers use automated programs, or bots, to scan your servers for vulnerabilities. Confidential and critical data may be exposed, lost or stolen; therefore, computer support is needed…

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How much does IT Support for small businesses cost?

By SanDiegoPCSupport - 20th September 2013

One of the first questions most small-business owners/mangers ask is “how much does it cost?” It’s easy to understand why this is the first question; small businesses don’t always have a large IT budget. In some cases, such as fully-funded start-ups, this isn’t a big concern, but these tend to…

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The cost associated with non-professional IT Network Management

By SanDiegoPCSupport - 4th September 2013

Over the last 10 years I have encountered numerous situations where a new customer contacts me after experiencing major losses stemming from improper management of their computers and networks. In most of these cases the business owner was personally managing their IT network, or had an employee who was tasked…

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Mobile AntiVirus for your devices!

By SanDiegoPCSupport - 13th July 2013

Mobile devices are part of business, and they’re here to stay! Many businesses have already adopted the use of mobile devices, such as iPad’s and Android phones, into their daily business activities.  One of the major downfalls of mobile devices is security. As these devices continue to grow in spaces…

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